Pact Vertical Partners, advisors, contractors, technicians

Our Experience

We have provided project management services including, development management, design management, and construction management services to the commercial real estate industry for over 20 years. With 25 years of real estate development background and the expertise of an LLC like Northern Real Estate Urban Ventures, we have over 10 years experience in staffing, trade management, and execution and supply delivery in the construction marketplace. Our senior management team is comprised of experience across various industries.

Part Vertical
  • With PACT vertical, you have four assets in one.
  • We provide partnership, advising and counseling, vetted contractors, and the top technicians

What VERTICALITY really means

We are always aiming for the highest quality, profitability, and achievement. We are focused on ensuring the upward trend, increasing efficacy, the utmost progress.

Upward Trend, Increasing efficacy, the utmost progress

PACT Vertical - Our Mission

We take pride in the expertise and superior services we provide and always aim to exceed customer expectations. Our team of professionals evaluates each client’s needs and then offers an individualized suite of services based on the project size, goals, and budget.